(AWA 01) Use this form to register new members who have not been a member of any club previously. Fees payable should be paid prior to sending the form as details need to be entered.

(AWA 02)Use this form for anual reregistration of renewing members who have previously held a AUS number. the form allows for up to 10 member entries for each submission. 

(AWA 03) Use this form to apply for membership in WA country areas where there is no club. Conditions apply see form.

(AWA 04) Use this form to register your club with the AWA/MAAA (Fee Payable $40 per financial year) Also use this form for changes at no charge provided that the fee has been paid for the current financial year. 

(AWA 05) Use this form to request a change to your members personal details on the MAAA Database.

(AWA 06) Use this form to nominate for a position on the AWA executive committee

Use this form to apply for a AWA grant to assist with club development