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Mar 31, 2018

WA State F3F Open 2018





WA State F3F Open 2018

Saturday 3rd of March 2018 thirteen pilots gathered at Shelleys lookout to contest the WA State F3F Open. The forecast was for light SE conditions to around 10kts (5m/s). A pilots briefing was held at 11.00am and the course was set up ready for the days event. There was quite a bit of para glider activity at this location as well, so a fair amount of coordination had to be done between the F3F competition and the para gliders to create a safe environment for everyone to enjoy their activities.

However there was some delay waiting for enough breeze to begin our event. The wind indicator was showing above 2-4m/s ( FAI minimum limit is 3m/s ) so it was decided to hold proceedings up until this improved a little and showed a regular 4-5m/s. Fortunately the wind picked up enough and the first round was under way by 12.30pm although still light at a regular 4m/s. The wind picked up a bit more later reaching 6m/s mid-afternoon before backing off and becoming inconsistent but still enough to finish the rest of the afternoon off flying the competition.

Don Tester was first up in the lighter conditions for the day and struggled in his first two rounds. Don put in his best effort in round 4 with a 58.79. Andrew Muller flying his new Shinto, started out slow in the first round but was able to kick things along a bit in his second round with a 58.80 second flight. Almost everyone struggled with their first two rounds in the earlier light conditions and most did not improve on their times until rounds 3 and 4. Rounds 5 and 6 saw the fastest times of the day achieved by Stuart Hamilton flying his Precision. In round 5 Stuart scored a 54.04 second flight and flew very smoothly for a well deserved fastest time of the day.

Glen Twaddle flying a Shinto did very well in the conditions to score some consistent times all day but reaching his best time for the day on his last flight. Grant Andrews who does not fly at the slope very often struggled all afternoon, however put in a great performance on round 5 achieving a 57.33 second round which looked effortless. Brett Moffet also struggled through out the afternoon in the light conditions but put in his best flight in round 6 achieving 62.47 with a cut.

Steve Alcock flew his revamped Estrella and enjoyed each flight until round 5 when a problem after launch Steve had no signal and the plane flew off in a wide arc off to the left side of the course eventually coming to rest in soft bushes. I understand the plane had no more than a scratch. Steve was unable to complete round 5 and 6. Steve Revel flew his Precision. Showing more confidence with a 3m plane Steve managed some consistent times improving throughout the afternoon.

Brian Mitchell did not do so well with his Jedi. Brian struggled. His best times were in rounds 3 and 4 where he looked to be getting on top of the conditions but again in rounds 5 and 6 became a little lost on the course. Simon Watts also struggled through the 6 rounds with his best flight in round 4 flying a Ceres Lift. Rick Leonhardt however, flew very well, also flying a Ceres Lift and also posting his best time in round 4. Les Davidson flew a 60” Whippet consistently all day. His times where never going to match those of the 3m planes but it was good to see Les returning to F3F and we will be seeing more of him at future F3F events.


1st Andrew Muller 5589.50 Shinto

2nd Stuart Hamilton 5450.12 Precision

3rd Rick Leonhardt 5415.26 Ceres lift

4th Don Tester 5277.30 Pitbull

5th Glen Twaddle 5158.43 Shinto

6th Paul Marshall 5150.14 Cyril

8th Steve Revel 5139.99 Precision

7th Grant Andrews 5121.37 Ceres

9th Simon Watts 5041.90 Ceres lift

10thBrian Mitchell 4816.39 Jedi

11th Brett Moffet 4746.39 Cyril

12th Les Davidson 4619.04 Whippet

13th Steve Alcock 2909.44 Estrella

Results can be also be viewed here.

I would like to thank all those who helped out during the competition and special thank you to Glen Steve, Les and Jacin for organising the the permission required to fly at the locations available to us for this event and for the amount of work they have put in to securing and improving the site at T10 as a glider flight slope which we will be able to use as a group into the future.

Also thank you to Rodda, Grant Andrews wife, for sitting through the entire event and recording all the flights.






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  • Norm Kirton
    Aug 30, 2018

    The inaugural event of the State C/L Vintage Stunt competition is to run on Saturday 21st July, at Lumen Christi college grounds, Gosnells. The event will be hosted by TARMAC who are resident flyers at this site every Saturday afternoon. TARMAC have successfully run a CLUB Vintage Stunt competition every year since 2003 and, therefore, have applied to AWA for this to be added to the list of State events as an additional annual competition. The event will commence at approximately 1PM and the gates will be open, for practice, at 12 Noon. We invite all interested aeromodellers to attend, either to compete or just spectate.
  • Admin
    May 16, 2018

    PETER BRYNER, Event Director The ASAA National Scale Aerobatics Championships were recently held at the country town of Wagin, Western Australia over three days, between 29th September to 1st October. Apart from providing a successful competition, one of the key drivers for this event was to promote aeromodelling to the wider community and attract public spectators. Whilst some people may think that watching an IMAC competition is like watching grass grow, not everyone agrees, as was evidenced by over 500 spectators stopping to watch 30 of Australia’s best IMAC pilots compete. Some spectators came for the day with a picnic lunch, others stayed for just a few hours and it was evident that many came for the excitement of the freestyle shows put on by Japan’s Inoue Junichi and Queensland’s Aaron Garle, though the precision flying seemed to appeal to many as well. We were gratified to hear that some spectators were prepared to travel long distances coming from Perth and the regional cities of Albany, Busselton and even Geraldton. “I didn’t know a plane could do anything like what these pilots showed today” was a common comment heard during and after the freestyle shows. Hosting the Championship event was given to Western Australia late last year and Scale Aerobatics Western Australia (SAWA), quickly formed a planning committee, comprised of Peter Bryner, Bob Chitty, Dave Murdock, Steve Maitland and Mark Easton. The committee worked hard all year to make the event memorable. The town of Wagin was chosen for the venue due the interest and support shown by the local shire council, through its CEO Peter Webster and the fact that it has an unregistered, full-size airstrip, suitable for using two flight lines. The Event Director, Peter Bryner prepared an early business plan and succeeded in gaining a grant from the State Government’s Events Corp and Royalties for Regions, mainly due to the emphasis placed on promoting public attendance. Being a public event meant that higher risk management standards and procedures than ever before had to be documented and complied with. This was successfully achieved. It took a lot of work but was worthwhile based on the comments of spectators, participants, sponsors and some veterans of aeromodelling. The $6000 of corporate donated prizes and goods in kind helped tremendously. In line with the aim of enhanced community involvement, the assistance of 1st Subiaco Scout group was arranged to facilitate crowd direction and public parking, and first aid. They stayed the weekend, camping at the field along with approximately half of the competitors. During the days prior to the event the airfield was almost a quagmire with consistent rain. The farmers were loving it, but it the event’s viability became a concern, as the area is low lying. Fortunately the skies cleared for the practice day, and stayed that way over the rest of the weekend. The wind was also reasonably kind, but it was still challenging, depending on which flightline was flown. The event was opened with a short speech from Hon. Laurie Graham MLC, Member for the Agricultural Region on behalf of Hon. Paul Papalia MLC, Minister for Tourism and Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLA, Minister for Regional Development. He reminded us of the value of support for the regions and for tourism in the regions. The Support of the State Government is greatly appreciated. A minute of silence was observed in memory of James Owen, a NSW IMAC enthusiast, who tragically lost his life earlier in the year. The Australian Scale Aerobatics Association AGM was held on Saturday night with a new committee elected. The Associations Awards were presented. The recipients were: Meritorius Service: David Garle, Pilot of the Year: Aaron Garle, Junior Pilot of the Year: Flyn Wain and Rising Star Award: Cameron Robinson. Congratulations to all. Our Scout group helpers collected just over $1200 from gold coin donations and an additional $400 dollars was added by SAWA. Collecting money is easier when you give something away and we handed out over 200 chuck gliders that were provided by the MAAA, which were eagerly accepted by attending children. The RFDS was the chosen Event charity and they were surprised at the size of the donation made. At the end of the competition, with twelve rounds of known schedules and three unknown rounds flown in each class the results were: Basic: 1st Jeremy Lea (10,000) 2nd Paul Dvorak (8364) 3rd Nigel Molyneux (6540) Sportsman 1st Christopher Walker (9827) 2nd David Murdock (9682) 3rd Eddie Roux (8794) Intermediate 1st Cameron Robinson (9000) 2nd Harris Morrison (8300) 3rd Dean Allison (8108) Advanced 1st Flyn Wain (9000) 2nd Chris Stuart (8211) 3rd Rod O’Neil (6229) Unlimited 1st Mark Easton (8948) 2nd Aaron Garle (8754) 3rd Inoue Junichi (8019) Freestyle (3 rounds) 1st Inoue Junichi (1750) 2nd Aaron Garle (1670)
  • Admin
    May 16, 2018

    Peter Bryner (Scale Aerobatics Western Australia), Steve Maitland and Cliff Altus (Goldfields Aeromodellors) represented Western Australia at the MA AA National Championships (Scale Aerobatics NSIG). They travelled  across the Nullabor in Cliffs "Breaking Bad" Winnebago after attending the local competition held the weekend before in Capel. A couple of days practice at a nearby field in Cootamundra and then the final 120k to West Wyalong. 29 Competitors flying the unknown on the first day of competition, with F3A up the other end of the runway and Pylon racers screaming behind us made the competition atmospheric! Congratulations to Steve Maitland (3rd Unlimited) and Cliff Altus (3rd Intermediate). Presentations made by MAAA President Neil Tank and AMA President Rich Hanson visiting from the USA.